Student fashion tips to look great on a budget

    There’s no doubt that students put real pressure on themselves to look super-stylish and attractive, but it also becomes more of a challenge when you have the added burden of a student loan and living costs to bear in mind.

    If you’re stressing about maintaining a stylish university wardrobe on a student budget, take a look at our student fashion tips below to help you feel great and still have money in your pocket to hit the student union!

    1. Learn to appreciate charity shops

    As a young adult, the thought of buying this weekend’s outfit from a charity shop might be a real buzz kill, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how many great bargains there are to be had. If you’re prepared to do the digging, you’ll unearth some real hidden gems for literal pennies!

    2. Don’t be afraid to wear last season’s clothes

    Some people will wait and add to their wardrobe at the end of a season when retailers place clothes and accessories on sale at clearance prices. Don’t be too proud not to wear something that’s just a few weeks out of season!

    3. Raid your family’s wardrobes

    If you’re a girl, there’s nothing better than putting on the puppy dog eyes and asking your mum or sister if you can borrow some of the clothes, shoes or accessories that they just don’t wear anymore. Likewise for boys with their brothers or dad – they’ll be pleased to see their clothing recycled.

    4. Only buy flexible fashion items

    When money is tight, the last thing you must do is buy an outfit that you’ll only wear once. Make a habit of purchasing tops, trousers, shoes or accessories that can be worn with a variety of different outfits. This way you’ll continually create new styles and looks, getting maximum value out of your acquisitions.

    5. Buying cheap can be a false economy

    There’s an age-old saying that goes ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ and sometimes that will ring true for student fashion. Instead of buying £20 jeans that will only last six months at a time, why not buy that one pair of £30 jeans that will last you the entire student year, saving you a tenner in the process – magic!

    For more fun ways to save money on student fashion, be sure to check out our huge discounts available throughout the Revouchers website.

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    Jayleon Cruz

    Who doesn't enjoy saving money? Jayleon enjoys it probably more than most people, and shares his trials & tribulations to anyone who will read them.

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