How to eat Paleo on a budget

How to eat Paleo on a Budget

    If you’re thinking about the paleo diet, you’re probably attracted to the idea of eating juicy steaks or lean chicken breast. If you google for paleo recipes, many of them show just these sort of high-end cuts, but can you eat paleo on a smaller budget? Here are some tips for doing just that.


    Bulk up

    Not just your muscle! If you buy in bulk, you get better value for money. This is as true as buying half a sheep from a local butcher as it is for buying larger containers of olive oil, nuts, and seeds. The problem with this is that you do need the cash up-front to get the savings.


    Cheaper cuts

    If you’re on a budget, you won’t be eating Chateaubriand every day. Sorry. Your slow cooker will become your friend as you stew ham hocks, lamb shanks and other cheaper cuts into delicious plates of succulent flavour. You can also save money by investing in a sharp knife and learning how to bone meat for yourself. Butchers charge a premium for chicken fillets, but it doesn’t take long to do yourself once you have the knack.


    Enjoy offal

    Liver, kidney, heart, tongue… these are all packed with protein, nutrients, and flavour. Although they have fallen out of fashion more recently, paleo is bringing offal back. If you haven’t eaten peppered liver with (courgette) tagliatelle, you haven’t lived.


    Buy wild fish

    Although farmed fish is readily available, you pay premium prices for wild. However, if you take a look in the canned section, you’ll find wild salmon and other fish just ready to be eaten. This is a great way to eat good fish on a budget. Don’t neglect the freezer section either, as you can often find bags of fish fillets at a much better price than their fresh equivalent.


    Lastly, the paleo diet is high in fat. Unfortunately, butter, olive oil, and coconut oil are all quite expensive. If you have the time, then rendering your own fat will give you a tasty alternative for a much lower cost. Ask your butcher if they can give you some tallow to DIY.

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