How to Eat Low Carb on a Budget

How to Eat Low Carb on a Budget

    Low-carb isn’t considered a fad diet, rather it’s a way of life for many people due to a variety of health reasons. However, low-carb usually means higher protein and that’s associated with higher costs. So, how do we achieve low-carb eating on a budget? The basic elements of a low-carb diet fall into three categories: vegetables, protein and fats. Let’s take each one and find ways to save money.


    1. Saving money on protein

    Fish, meat and other protein foods tend to be the biggest costs, but a low-carb diet doesn’t need to be higher in protein than normal. You should start by calculating how much protein you need or want in your diet and work from there. You should then decide how much you want in each snack or meal and you can use this to budget for your protein sources. You should also buy protein when it’s on sale and freeze it for later use. Don’t forget to include the low-budget low-carb protein sources such as milk, yogurt, eggs, tofu etc.


    2. Saving money on vegetables

    The biggest money-waster when it comes to vegetables is often that fresh vegetables go bad before you can eat them. You should instead try frozen vegetables. When they are frozen, it’s at the peak of their nutritional and flavour value. Another tip is to buy your vegetables seasonally or to grow a few yourself. An easy to grow option is herbs and some vegetables such as zucchini. All you need is a small outdoor space and you’ll be surprised at the number of vegetables that can be grown in containers. If growing vegetables isn’t your thing, then you need to specifically plan your meals, this means you can buy exactly the quantity you need and have no waste.


    3. Saving money on fats

    Healthy oils such as olive oil are great choices for our health, but they’re usually more expensive. You should shop for sales and buy in bulk whenever your chosen brand or oil type comes up on offer. High-fat foods such as coconut milk and avocados are usually expensive, but you’ll often find avocados cheaper in a local greengrocer than the big supermarket chains.

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