Cutting TV Subscription Costs

Cut the Cost of your TV Subscription

    For the majority of households in the developed world, TV has become a popular past time. TV providers promise to give you a virtually endless supply of programming from around the world direct to your little black box better than anyone else can. Many of the packages offered by these providers cost in excess of £30 a month. This adds up to almost £400 per year. That’s a lot of money which can be much better spent on improving your health and wellbeing. Not reducing your mobility and forming the foundations of a sedentary lifestyle. Many people will find it daunting to even think about a world without TV. Luckily there are some ways to own one without it owning you in the form of a large monthly payment.


    Only Pay for what you Use

    So many people take pride in the fact that they have the ‘top’ package of their digital TV subscription. Yet there are very few people who actually make full use of it. The movies and sports packages offered by most providers are extremely expensive. It’s highly unlikely that any family will really require both. If you don’t watch sport more than a few times a week then why not cancel the sports channels? You can always re-instate them a couple of times a year for the big sporting events.


    If you don’t sit and watch a different film every night do you really need the movies add-on? Children don’t really need any passive form of entertainment while their brains develop. So anything more than a few minutes per day is going to be doing them more harm than good. Fortunately there are children’s programs on most TV channels early in the morning and after school every day. Total Savings: Between £15 and £30 per month.


    Haggle Every Year

    Every year that you have had your TV subscription is another year that you have been a loyal customer to your provider. If they won’t reward you for that then you should be prepared to switch to a provider who will. Give them a call around renewal time each year and ask them to reduce the cost of your TV package. Some people have reported saving as much as 50% of their bill by using this method. Total savings: £240 to £600 per year.


    Use Streaming Services

    So many people seem to have the movie package on their TV package. They also have Netflix or Lovefilm account. In most cases these streaming services are much cheaper than the movie add-on. So remove it and save yourself money. If you really need to watch films then you can use Netflix to its full potential as there are no limitations. Total savings: Around £15 per month.


    Use On Demand Apps and Services

    Almost all channels now have their on demand service which allows you to stream top picks or highlighted programs at your own leisure. And with far fewer advertisements. These are completely free to use and in most cases do not require a TV license. If this is how you prefer to watch TV then you can do away with that expense as well. Total savings: Your entire TV package cost.


    Use Free TV Subscriptions

    Freeview and Freesat are absolutely free to use once you have purchased the initial digital receiver. You can purchase a top of the range receiver that offers HD technology and the option to record and store hundreds of hours of programming for less than the cost of 6 months of a Paid TV subscription. If you’re not bothered about HD or recording, or if you buy second hand then you can save considerably more. It’s true that you don’t have quite as many channels as the paid services However you’ll still have a couple of hundred channels to choose from. This is still a couple of hundred more than we had 25 years ago. Total savings: After initial purchase, anywhere between £240 and £1,200 per year.


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