4 tips to help replenish your funds before your big holiday

    It’s no secret that holidays can be extremely expensive and saving up for them can take a chunk out of your pay slip. So, what do you do? You dip into your savings, which are meant to be for the future. But there is another way. Here are a few top tips on replenishing your spent pre-holiday funds:

    1. Sell unwanted gifts

    Now that Christmas is over, you’ve probably landed yourself with a mountain of gifts you’ll never use. It may be a good idea to sell them online so you can earn yourself a bit of cash to put back into your vacation savings. If you have a receipt, you could take the item back to the shop and get a full refund. Although you may feel guilty, if you know you won’t use the gift, getting the money back would be more worthwhile.

    2. Look for offers

    Look for the best deals when shopping and try and work with limited offers to save as much money as possible. This also applies when purchasing your holiday. You can use travel coupons for your holiday trip. With Revouchers, you can get money off your hotel and travel with a quick voucher code, so don’t book anything without checking out deals first.

    3. Set a weekly budget

    If you’re used to spending without thinking, it may be worth setting a weekly spending budget, just while you are saving for your holiday. By doing this, the excess money can be put straight back into your holiday fund. If you use cash for everything you purchase, you can’t go over your weekly limit.

    4. Homemade gifts

    If you have lots of upcoming birthdays and you just haven’t got the cash to splash on presents, why not get crafty and create homemade gifts? There are plenty of websites with amazing craft ideas. Not only will you be saving money for your accommodation and travel, but the thought you put into making the gift means more than picking one off the shelf.

    If you would like any further information on saving for your holiday, check for further advice on our website.

    Jayleon Cruz

    Who doesn't enjoy saving money? Jayleon enjoys it probably more than most people, and shares his trials & tribulations to anyone who will read them.

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