BBC Shop

BBC Shop is the commercial arm of the BBC selling BBC Worldwide published products. It is an online retailer of the BBC offering selected BBC-related published by third parties. These products that BBC Shop offers include DVDs, books, audiobooks, toys and clothing.

Moreover, BBC Shop offers the best selling DVDs, Blu-rays and BBC merchandise. This online retailer also offers various award-winning programs that entertain, inform and inspire. They have Doctor Who, Sherlock, Only Fools and Horses, and also Top Gear which you can buy, download and keep.

For those who want to watch BBC programs again, they have them in stock for you. As the biggest producer of English-language programming in the today, BBC shows thousands of programs worldwide. To keep you posted, BBC Shop offers videos on demand as well as the shows that you missed.

To know more about this online show retailer or to order for your favourite BBC Show, click on their website now. You may also like or follow them on their Facebook page and Twitter account for the latest BBC Show.



Blurb is a unique avenue for authors who want to create, print and publish their own books.

Blurb is in fact a self-publishing and marketing platform that releases the genius inside you. This platform is so easy and simple to use. This makes it handy for people who need to design, publish, sell and promote printed high quality books and ebooks.

They present a professional-quality work to clients at very reasonable price. This allows them to focus more on their writing rather than hiring people to work and publish some copies at prohibitive cost.

Today, Blurb have helped thousands of authors and have created more than two million books. Blurb boasts of the quality that they have produced for them. All the books and ebooks that they created are beautiful and bookshop-quality, printed on premium paper. They have produced photo books, cookbooks, travel books, children’s, not-so-graphic novels, graphic novels and many more.

If you are an aspiring author and need someone to design, publish and promote your work, Blurb is the perfect site for you. Visit them today and be amazed of how they can transform your article into a piece of art. You may also checkout their social media accounts for more details.


Just Travel Cover

Just Travel Cover is one of United Kingdom’s top specialist travel insurance companies today.

This value travel insurance provider even covers people with pre-existing medical conditions. Conditions like cancer, heart conditions and even those with terminal diagnosis.

Furthermore, Just Travel Cover also provides insurance to travelers who are over 65 years old. Operated by an independent agent, the Just Insurance Agents Limited, Just Travel Cover is extremely fast and easy in providing insurance to travelers as compared to other travel insurance companies.

 Aside from providing insurance to travelers, Just Travel Cover also gives travel tips and advises to their clients. As a premiere travel insurance provider, Just Travel Cover guarantees fast and easy way when making a claim, giving you a peace of mind.

To know more about Just Travel Cover, visit their website today and browse for the perfect insurance cover for you. They also have a dedicated customer service team ready to answer all your questions. You may also follow and like their social media accounts for more details.


Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures is one of UK’s leading and popular adventure resorts. It is a theme park, zoo and hotel complex rolled into one.

Chessington opened to the public in 1931 as the Chessington Zoo. In 1987, The Tussuads Group developed a theme park alongside the zoo. The park became the first ever themed amusement park in the country. Merlin Entertainment bought the park from the Tussuads in 2007. They eventually developed Chessington as a premiere resort tourist destination.

Today, Chessington has a zoo with more than 1,000 animals in its care. It has 10 discrete areas including Market Square, Mystic East, Mexicana, Pirates Cove and Transylvania. It also includes the Wild Asia, the Forbidden Kingdom and the Land of the Dragons. Chessington also has several hotels like the Safari Hotel which lies next to the zoo. The hotel is also themed as a Safari lodge.

Also found in this theme park are several attractions like the Chessington Sea Life Centre which has different areas namely; Our Shoreline, The Reef and Ocean Tunnel, and the Amazonia. Tourists can also see the Runaway Train which is a mine train roller.  Raised walkways like the Amazu Treetop Adventure allow visitors to pass through enclosures of spider monkeys, capybara and other animals.

As a tourist destination, Chessington also features various attractions like the Penguins of Madagascar. It was Europe’s first ever animatronic costumes. The park also has the Penguin Bay which houses Humboldt penguins and night rides onboard the Zufari: Ride to Africa.

Chessington has four annual events, the African Adventures, wherein African tribal dancers and street explorers are seen walking and interacting with visitors, the Roar and Explore, Howl’o’ween during the Halloween season, and during Christmas Season, the Winter’s Tail.

Aside from its annual continuing events, Chessington also had the chance to showcase the Ice Age, the Vampire XXI, Mystic East Carnival, 25th Birthday Celebration, and Animal Adventures during its One Off Events.

Some of the rides found at this theme park are the Scorpion Express, Vampire, Dragon’s Fury, the Rattlesnake, Black Buccaneer, Kobra, Monkey Swinger, Rameses Revenge, SeaStorm. You will also love the park’s Water and Dark rides, Dragon Falls and Tomb Blaster. For the children visiting the park, they can enjoy the Canopy Capers, the Carousel, Dragon’s Playhouse, and the Flying Jumbos. Kids will also love Griffin Galleon, Jungle Bus, Treetop Hoppers, Sea Dragons, Tiny Truckers and the Temple of Mayhem

Other attractions present at this beautiful them park and resort includes the Hocus Pocus Hall, the Lorikeet Lagoon, Peeking Heights and the Tuk Tuk Turmoil.

For those who want to check in at their place, Azteca Hotel and Safari Hotel can surely accommodate you and your family.  To know more about Chessington, visit their website today.


Advanced MP3 Players

Established in 2001, Advanced MP3 Players is an online company engaged in trading MP3 players and accessories in the UK. The company takes pride in treating their customers with quality service – quick, efficient and professionally. Their trained staffs can handle all the concerns of their customers. As enthusiasts themselves, their staffs are adept in what they do and can help with your concern.

Products ordered from Advanced MP3 Players come with free technical and customer support, both pre-sale and post-sale. The company also provide efficient customer service to their clients. They do this by helping them set up the product they ordered, teach them how a  specific function works. They may also get some advise on the best codec to use. Clients can email or call them for any issues however simple or complex it may be.

Advanced MP3 Players also offers the largest range of MP3 in the country. And in fact they are one of the largest in the entire Europe. Sony, Colorfly Lotoo and Sonos are just some of the big name brands that Advanced MP3 Players carry. They are also stocking unique selection of MP3 players and imported accessories from suppliers around the world. Aside from MP3 players, the company also has High-Res Audio, Headphones, Amplifiers, Speakers, and various Gadgets.

To order the latest gadget, simply visit this leading online company on their website. You may also follow or like them on their social media accounts for more details.


Farmison & Co.

Farmison & Co is an online seller of tasty and succulent beef, pork, lamb, poultry and game produce in the United Kingdom. They offer only the best heritage meat fresh from the dales to your doorsteps.

Farmison takes pride of having meats from trusted and known farms in the country. They also boast of having native and rare breed meats on their stock. Farmison also have meats that were raised through slow growing and ethically reared. Among the breeds of beef that Farmison & Co. carry in its line includes Aberdeen Angus, Belted Galloway, Blue Grey, British White, Charolais, Dexter, Galloway, Gloucester and Hereford. They also have the breed that made British beef great, the Longhorn. For those people who long for a meat considered as the rarest beef breed, Farmison & Co offers the Whitebred Shorthorn.

Farmison also offer goat meats. Saanen and Toggenburg are two of the goat breeds that they carry.  While Blue Faced Leicester, Charollais, Cheviot, Hampshire Down and Jacob are just some of the lamb breeds that Farmison sells. For their pork, they readily have Britain’s oldest pork breed, the Berkshire. Also present are Duroc, Gloucestershore Old Spot, Mangalica, Middle White, Oxford Sandy Black to name a few.  Aside from your usual beef, pork and lamb meats, this online butcher also sell veal, game, poultry, bacon, sausages, gammon and burger patties.

Aside from catering home orders, Farmison & Co also supplies restaurants and commercial kitchens. Moreover, Farmison guarantees that all their meat are fresh and not frozen.  Customers orders the meat whole and then sliced to their liking. This preserves the integrity of the meat, making it perfect for home cooking or for freezing.

To know more about this award winning online meat shop, like them on You may also follow them on and their Instagram account at


The Skills Network

The Skills Network is one of the country’s premier online distance learning. It is deemed to be the most successful providers of technology-enabled training and skills solutions in the UK today.

They have been supporting educators, employers and even to those who just want to learn technology related skills. The company also offer subjects that they give vital knowledge to learners. To achieve this, The Skills Network continuously search for new, innovative and appealing ways to deliver learning and training. This is to ensure that they maintain their current status in the market. They also have various innovative products and services which they offer to organisations, schools, colleges, local authorities. Moreover, the online school even have subjects to training providers.

Among the products that they offer includes providing sub-contracted training for classroom based ASB and ESF funding streams, working with employers by finding the right solutions for any issues and concerns surrounding any business, and helping people or individuals achieve their goals and to make their next step in life.

The company also takes pride in having the best and high quality learning experience yet affordable for both paper based and online materials.

To know more about The Skills Network, visit their website today. You may also like and follow them on facebook and twitter for updates and further details.



Selections is one of UK’s leading online stores that offers a range of garden and gardening products. Popularly known as Garden Selections, this online shop also sells various homeware products at competitive prices.

Aside from the range of gardening products, Selections also sells lighting, garden furniture, outdoor living products and pet care products. They also have highly durable garden tools, container garden products and also garden covers. Moreover, they have propagation products, greenhouses, growbag pots, growing aids, metal plant support, gloves and shoes. You will also see large garden lawn roller, watering cans, tool storage seat at their website. You can also order a range of items for your kitchen, cleaning and tidying, DIY tools and even laundry and utility products.

To order, Selections has an easy to navigate website which also feature deals and popular products. You may also follow or like them on their social media accounts. You can also send them an email at [email protected] for comments and suggestions.


ALA Gap Insurance

ALA Gap Insurance is an FCA authorised company in the United Kingdom. It has been in the business of giving top quality financial products within the motor industry to both personal and corporate client since 1990.

It is one of UK’s longest established and most respected GAP Insurance Brokers. They have been providing insurance policies to clients with their extensive knowledge of the market where they operate. Clients can use this website to buy the company’s online products.

ALA Gap Insurance takes pride on providing clients more affordable yet high quality policies as compared to a dealer. This feature makes them the most preferred insurance provider in the country. ALA Gap Insurance policies do not have any clauses which restrict payment based on the Market Value (MV) or Glass’s Guide retail value of the vehicle which usually leave clients with a shortfall. Moreover, clients get paid of the difference between their insurance settlement and the amount they originally paid for the vehicle. This would also hold true even to replacement cost.  And this is the reason why most clients prefer ALA Gap Insurance over other insurance provider in UK.

Aside from providing GAP insurance, the company also offers clients Back to Invoice Plus, Contract Hire Plus, Vehicle Replacement Plus, Agreed Value GAP, Tyre Cover, Alloy Wheel Cover, Scratch & Dent Cover, Excess Cover, Key Care Cover, and Warranty Cover. ALA products are also competitive and complies with the industry regulations.

To know more about ALA Gap Insurance, visit their website or follow them on their social media accounts.



Shorefield is UK’s leading provider of great family and activity holiday getaways. They have what it takes to be one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations today. They offer the finest selection of UK holiday parks in the country. It is perfect for your caravans, holiday lodges and hot tub self catering. Shorefield is also ideal for camping pitches and touring. Moreover, Shorefield is great even for your short break, weekend break or for a relaxing spa break.

Their Hampshire and Dorset parks have an extensive range of leisure facilities and activity hubs, restaurants, bars and retail outlets. They also offer guests with a day spa at their Shorefield Country Park. Equipped with all the essential elements needed for that perfect holiday, Shorefield boasts of the numerous awards they have received. Their David Bellamy Conservation Awards highlighted their commitment to protect the flora and fauna surrounding their parks.

To give you an idea how amazing Shorefield is, here are some of the treats they offer to their guests. The self-catering caravans and lodges allow guests to enjoy the tranquility and scenery of the parks while at a lodge. Whether you go for a chalet, a cosy caravan or a luxury lodge, Shorefield guarantees total satisfaction. They also have the Spa and hot tub breaks promises to rejuvenate your tired and aching bodies. And if you are into caravanning or camping trips, Shorefield’s well-maintained touring parks will make it even more memorable.

To know more about Shorefield, visit their website. You may like and follow them on their social media accounts for more details and updates.

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